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We were the first inventory management system to integrate with WooCommerce, knowing that users like you need a solid WooCommerce inventory management software to keep a tight rein on products moving in and out of your warehouse, and stay on top of your e-Commerce sales orders.

The TradeGecko online inventory management software is your ultimate WooCommerce stock management tool. With this TradeGecko – WooCommerce integration platform, you can closely monitor and control all your inventory along with your e-Commerce sales on a single dashboard.

TradeGecko – The Quintessential WooCommerce Inventory Management Tool

The WooCommerce – TradeGecko integration streamlines backend operations by handing you complete control over stock activities, 100% visibility on your product levels and sales orders, and automatically syncing information between your e-Commerce store and inventory. We boost administrative efficiencies and eliminate human errors for businesses everywhere.

TradeGecko’s WooCommerce inventory management tool is a comprehensive solution with an intuitive interface that provides advanced reporting, sales analytics, and multi-channel management of your WooCommerce store through TradeGecko.

We help you sell all your products beautifully and create a myriad of opportunities and possibilities for your WooCommerce-powered stores. Now you can focus on running your business while managing operations – inventory, purchases, sales orders – all from a single dashboard.

This is How TradeGecko Works

inventory management software

Inventory Management

The TradeGecko system allows you to keep an accurate account of your individual items. We let you track your product and all it’s variants. You’re also kept up to date with stock levels from one central inventory management system where your sales channels draw stock from. In addition, the platform helps you manage inbound and outbound goods better with the creation of professional Purchase Orders.

Order Management

Creating, editing, and managing your Sales Orders is easy and efficient with TradeGecko’s unique design and workflow style. Furthermore, we take the headache out of buying and selling products in different currencies and with different tax types with our Multi Currency and Tax Types functions. We give you all the order management tools you need to undergo a hassle-free experience through each stage of the fulfillment process.

Stock Control

We give you the right tools to move, edit, and control your stock levels via Stock Adjustments, Stock Transfers, and you can set up as many stock locations as you need. It’s also super easy to manage consignment inventory and track different consignment locations with TradeGecko’s Multi Locations feature.

Mobile Sales App

This application for iPhones and iPads also doubles up as a handy mobile catalog. Perfect for your salespeople on the road, product orders can be entered in on the go and it also comes with with customer management tools that allows you to get to access customer information quickly, and update and edit customer data no matter where you are.

Private B2B E-commerce Software

The TradeGecko private B2B e-Commerce software is an awesome platform for wholesalers to provide highly personalized and customized purchasing processes for your customers – they only have access to products and price made available to them. It saves time and labor by driving an efficient B2B order flow between you and your distributors. They can order in one click and even track orders, download invoices, and check payment and fulfillment status at any time.

What can we say? Our tools are magic.

How Does the TradeGecko and WooCommerce Integration Work?

TradeGecko synchronizes with WooCommerce in real time, empowering you to manage all your products and stock levels through the TradeGecko platform, and keeps retail prices of your products and stock levels up to date across your online store and inventory.

Product & Variant Syncing

TradeGecko’s WooCommerce inventory management system automatically syncs and imports stock levels, prices, and product titles for each individual item from your online store. The SKUs of product variants in your e-Commerce store are used for the synchronization process.  

Syncing Customer Data

All users with the role ‘customer’ in your WooCommerce account will be exported to TradeGecko as a ‘Consumer’. Information associated with customers such as their billing or shipping address will also get pushed across to TradeGecko.

Creating Sales Order

Orders created on your WooCommerce online store, along with updates on order statuses, are automatically synced across to your TradeGecko account. The integration syncs orders along with customer data and information.

Order Fulfillments

In general, TradeGecko pushes fulfillment details of your Sales Orders back up to your WooCommerce system.

All orders that have the status of ‘Processing’ in WooCommerce will be synced with TradeGecko. It is at the Processing stage in WooCommerce when the order is paid for, product quantity is reduced in your inventory, and the order is ready to be fulfilled.

After the order is exported, system sync is watching for fulfillments and with each fulfillment issues, the order is updated with the fulfillment information, including tracking number, tracking message, time shipped, products shipped etc.

When the Order fulfillment status in TradeGecko is marked as ‘Shipped’, the order is marked as ‘Completed’ in WooCommerce.

Syncing Stock Quantities

TradeGeco’s WooCommerce inventory management software allows two-way syncing to be automatically carried out for stock quantities and inventory levels every time after an order placed on the e-Commerce platform. It keeps stock levels in your WooCommerce store updated with the current available stocks in your TradeGecko account so you never oversell or experience stock outs again.

Manage Stock Quantities

You can manage and modify stock levels via purchase orders, stock transfers, or stock adjustments using the TradeGecko platform, these updates to your stock levels are then reflected in WooCommerce.

Payments On Sales Orders

We do not currently have proper payment support in TradeGecko so we do not push payment statuses to WooCommerce. Payment management is in the pipeline but in the meantime, you are advised to make payment changes in WooCommerce. When an order is paid in WooCommerce, the corresponding order in TradeGecko is also updated as ‘paid’.

Removing Orders

Deleting a Sales Order or product on TradeGecko will also delete the appropriate invoice or product on WooCommerce. On the other hand, if you delete a product on WooCommerce, we unpublish the respective TradeGecko variant. It will still exist on the TradeGecko system for record or backup purposes, but it will no longer be shown on Shopify.

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Customer Quotes

“We’ve gotten to a point now where it’s very automated and smooth across WooCommerce, TradeGecko, and Xero – it’s taking a lot of the manual work out of the picture.” – Ryan, Project Manager of I-Drone

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